Sewer repair can be a huge nightmare for Phoenix homeowners.

Why? When people think about sewer repair, they envision digging up their yards and replacing pipes. Furthermore, replacing your sewer pipes can be an especially stressful and destructive process that most insurance policies exclude as normal wear and tear. However, sewer repair technology has changed over recent years with sewer relining, providing a cost-effective, hassle-free way to fix your pipes.

Sewer Drain Liners

Sewer relining repairs damaged pipes using an epoxy relining material that molds to the inside of your existing pipes to create a smooth inner wall. At Hero Home Services, we perform this service through a home’s clean-out access and requires little to no digging. This method is perfect for sealing cracks and holes, repairing root-damaged pipes, and filling in missing pipe and seal joint connections underground. Relined pipes are seamless and durable, and the epoxy we use is non-hazardous.

Sewer Drain Liner Benefits

Do you need to repair your sewer drain pipes? Below are a few reasons why Phoenix homeowners choose to reline instead of replacing:

Affordable. Relining your pipes is an affordable maintenance option. Compared to replacing your pipes, sewer drain liners require less labor and materials, thus reducing costs and damage.

No Damaged Landscape. Not only is replacing your pipes expensive, but it causes major landscape damage. This includes grass, plants, concrete, and pavement. Even more, it can take a long time for your landscape to grow back. With pipe relining, there’s little to no landscape destruction.

Safe. Pipe replacement often comes with accompanying holes, trenches, and uncontrolled debris that can be especially hazardous to children or pets. Pipe relining is a much safer, simpler process as little to no digging is involved.

Increased Value. A sewer system is one of the key things looked at during a home inspection. Relining your pipes eliminates any weak points making it much more efficient while boosting your home’s value in the process.

Easy Process. It takes much less time to reline your pipes than it does to dig up, repair, or replace your existing system. Not only is relining faster and more affordable, but it also protects your landscape.

Phoenix Sewer Liners

Maintaining the health and structural integrity of your sewer system isn’t a pleasant homeowner’s responsibility. However, if you’re experiencing problems such as water backing up, clogs, rust, or unpleasant odors coming from your drains, these are all signs you may need to hire a professional. If you need to reline your sewer drain pipes, contact the expert plumbers at Hero Home Services at 602-783-2267 or schedule a service appointment online.